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ADZ Insight offers an advertising medium that has been proven to be extremely effective when compared to the other forms of advertising such as TV, radio, internet, billboards, and newspapers. We place advertisements for all types of businesses on our vehicles and drive around promoting your service in an area of your chosen demographic. In fact, our advertising method stands out to be ranked number one as the most cost efficient and effective form of advertising, costing only $0.35 per thousand viewers.

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  •       This is how our service works – You select the graphics, consisting of text and images, for your advertisement. You also select the target demographics in which you would like your advertise to be seen. We will drive our fleet of vehicles with your advertisement exposed for all to see, thereby generating an average of 50,000 impressions a day for every car you advertise on.
         At the end of a month, a single car will have generated 1,550,000 impressions, which will increase brand awareness, market share, and revenue. Even a low conversion rate, such as 1%, comes up to 15,000 customers that can be potentially interested in your product or service.
  • • Brochures – We will have brochures in these cars for interested customers to grab and read more about your service.
  • • Tracking and reporting - Our drivers will be tracked, and a report of their routes will be available, so you know where your advertisement has been seen.
  • • Product training for drivers – Our drivers will go through a customer service course tailored to your advertisement to better inform the potential customers if they have questions regarding your services and experience. (It’s like having your own salesman on the road).
  • • Promotional videos – We will have five recorded videos of us promoting YOU and your business to potential customers.
  • • In-person promotion – We will set up a table and inform customers about your service or product.

  • Exclusive Vendor Offers

  • • CB Offer Code - CBACKR1013-1 – 4 Cars minimum, first month FREE! Pay only for the wraps!
  • • CB Offer Code - CBACKR1013-2 – Pay first month, we cover the wraps for FREE!

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