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  • Founders Click™ was started by a team of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We do know first-hand the importance of a synergistic team and the practical challenges, one faces, in identifying suitable business partner(s)/Co-Founders and other early members of a founding team. We understand the criticality of a strong team, especially in the early phase of an embryonic business idea, as it is developed, nurtured and shepherded towards strategic realization and market growth. It is a daunting task indeed, especially if you do not have access to an active network and synergistic connections to identify resources that you need.

  • FoundersClick aims is to provide a live-wire ecosphere for Entrepreneurs to connect with other like-minded individuals to organically come together, innovate, plan, build and launch their business ventures. It is the go-to platform for Entrepreneurs & Start-ups.

  • We provide early-stage teams the opportunity to identify and explore cost-effective options and flexible working modalities, in order to further their start-up pursuits. What we want to accomplish through the Founders Click’s professional connections platform, is to assist entrepreneurs and start-ups in facilitating crucial interactivity towards achieving tangible results - all within a permission-based framework.

  • FoundersClick also features a unique framework of results-driven services that spur constructive push during the inevitable start-up grind.

After all, Ideas Tick when a Team Clicks!

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