You are a CauseBackr - If you are a Donor interested in donating directly to a CauseBackr Project funding goal

Here are easy simple steps:

  • Select a Cause Project and Contact the Cause directly to donate to them.
  • Mention CauseBackr Project so your donated funds are channeled directly towards the posted Cause Project funding goals. Check out donation-related information on Cause’s CauseBackr project page. The Cause will directly provide you the necessary tax paperwork information.
  • and let us know the amount you have contributed towards the Cause Project funding goal.This helps us to follow-up and track the Project and the Funding Goal.
  • Keep Track of project progress through CauseBackr
  • Email and Share CauseBackr with your circles of friends and spread the word.

Congrats! You are now a CauseBackr!

Your thoughtful donation has a direct impact to meeting Cause Project funding goals.Thank-you very much.

In addition - you also have a choice to be a CauseBackr Buyer too!As a CauseBackr Buyer, you make a strong impact with your choice of Business vendors and buying decision. Look for the CB stamped Vendors when you buy.