You are a CauseBackr- If you are a Business/Vendor and you are interested in a CauseBackr Project

Here are easy simple steps:

  • Select a CauseBackr Cause Project published on the site.
  • to sign up with CauseBackr as one of your Sales and Lead Generation Channels.
  • Sign the CauseBackr Terms of Participation that we will send you. CauseBackr will create Business Page for you and begin promotions.
  • Get new leads and expand sales through CauseBackr promotions.
  • Track transactions as the assigned CauseBackr code is used/redeemed by your customer.
  • Pay a small service fee only when sales occur.

CauseBackr allocates a portion of your service fee, towards the Project (of your interest) funding goal. As a CauseBackr Vendor, your CB stamp of support could make a positive impact to potential Customers’ buying decision.

You are a CauseBackr - If you are a Consumer/Buyer and support the CauseBackr Businesses/Vendors

Here are easy simple steps:

  • Buy from listed CauseBackr Business Vendors and support the businesses with the CB stamp. CB stamped Vendors indicates that transactions with them in turn support a Cause Project (of interest to the Business) through CauseBackr.
  • Email if your favorite Vendor is missing and not CB stamped! We will reach out to them.

As a CauseBackr Buyer/Consumer, you make a strong impact with your choice of vendors and buying decision.

Your purchase has a ripple effect. CauseBackr allocates a portion of the service fee (earned from Vendor/Business) towards the Cause Project of their interest

As a CauseBackr Buyer, you make a strong impact with your choice of Business vendors and buying decision. Look for the CB stamped Vendors when you buy.

Look for the CB stamped Vendors/Businesses on CauseBackr when you buy.