Great Deals, Quality Vendors, Critical Causes

CauseBackr is the latest venture from Xumri Group, LLC of Silicon Valley, California. It is a parallel initiative of Giving Alternatives, a growing showcase and informational platform for Causes.

CauseBackr establishes a business development based Sales connections platform on the bedrock of transactions between a variety of Businesses/Vendors and Buyers/Customers. CauseBackr leverage this unique framework to directly fund Projects that make a meaningful change.

World According to CauseBackrs

Businesses/Vendors use CauseBackr as their sales and lead generation channel. Customers and Buyers connect through CauseBackr and transact directly with the Business. Business pays a service fee only when a sale is made. They generate new leads and expand market outreach and optionally offer deals
Buyers support Businesses who back a Cause Project and/or redeem vendor promotions
CauseBackr directly funds Cause Projects from the service fee, it earns.
Cause Projects achieve their funding goals and revert with updates until project completion.

A Win-Win- Win-Win !
Together we can make a difference!

CauseBackr Stakeholders

Any Businesses/Vendor in an array of domains
Examples -

  • Product and/or Services
  • E-commerce sites
  • Service providers – Business or Individual professionals
  • Entertainers/Performers

Buyers /Consumers/Customers who make the Buy decision - They make an impact every time they support CauseBackr listed Vendors and use Vendor code when they transact.

Cause Projects for CauseBackr selection consideration can be varied.
Examples -

  • An Individual raising funds for a worthy cause
  • A non-profit organization/NGO
  • A grassroots group or association campaigning for social change
  • A media initiative, say a documentary with a positive impact
  • A for-profit company with a positive impact on society

How Does CauseBackr Fund Cause projects?


  • Selects important Causes Projects that require funding.
  • Identifies Businesses/Vendors who wish to support selected Cause project.
  • Collaborates with Businesses by leveraging its sales and lead generation channels.
  • Promotes Business who back Cause project, targets Customers and facilitates sales
  • Provides an impactful Sales Channel to Consumers, who can make a difference when each time they avail the Vendor codes when they        transact & support CauseBackr Vendors.
  • Offers a Direct Donate channel option to Donors.
  • Funds Cause Project from services fee allocation from Businesses.
  • Tracks and publishes progress of the project until completion to all CauseBackrs.